Monday, August 3, 2009

Scientia Pro Publica 9 is Up


Obviously, I'm not skipping a big post today:  after over two weeks without one, this morning's began to break the logjam.  Unfortunately, there's more to writing my posts than reading the appropriate papers and writing the post:  there's integrating and "making sense of" the mass of facts so they fit into a comprehensible framework.  The process tends to "clump", so there'll be dry periods, and weeks like the one that ended with Nature of the Neocortex, with four big posts. 

This is relevant because today's "Pro Publica" features my surprisingly successful Nature of the Neocortex, which I'm still trying to work out how/why (of the success).  It built on many previous posts, integrating ideas that would have been clumsy if I'd had to introduce them cold.  That may explain its popularity with regular readers, but not the number of new, outside links with recommendations.  I suppose my efforts to avoid jargon (and explain what I couldn't avoid) might be part of it, and I certainly hope my efforts to rationalize the details in both developmental and evolutionary terms contributed.

Back to Scientia Pro Publica 9, it's got a lot of good stuff in it, and I recommend giving it a good lookover.

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