Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laccognathus embryi

I have to share this, although I suspect everybody already has read about it, or soon will. Here's the headline and lead paragraph I read (From Google News):

375M-Year-Old Predatory Fish Prowled North America Before Backboned Animals
A new species of large predatory beast of a fish, packing a powerful bite, was already on the prowl in ancient North American waterways before backboned animals existed, researchers say.

After some searching, I found this:

Predatory Fish Once Prowled Ancient Canadian Arctic

A species of fish previously thought to have only existed in Eastern Europe once prowled ancient North American waterways during the Devonian Period, before backboned animals existed on land. [my emphasis]

I just can't think of a comment fit to publish even on a blog. *Sigh!* Read more!