Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Chimpanzee Movies

From a couple of articles by Kimberley J. Hockings, et als.: Chimpanzees Share Forbidden Fruit, and Road crossing in chimpanzees: A risky business.

Crossing a Road (movie): Note how the first male out stands watch. AFAIK the 2nd and 3rd are young males: apprentices.

Crop Raiding (movie)

Sharing raided food (movie)

I don't have time to discuss the subject at the moment, but I'm guessing these will be interesting. Compare this "hunter’s anecdotal report" quoted from Guillot, 1956, in Dr. Hockings doctoral thesis Human-chimpanzee coexistence at Bossou, the Republic of Guinea: a chimpanzee perspective:
"I remember one strange encounter I had in the jungle. A troop of chimpanzees was crossing the jungle path ahead of me, an old male, the leader, stood glaring at us from a distance of a few paces. At intervals he intensified his gruntings to hurry up the rest of the troop, cursing the stragglers. The last chimpanzee to cross was a terrified female. Suddenly the big male gave a bound towards her, seized her and shook her and grunted at her something we could not interpret. Whatever it was, it forced her to turn back into the bush. She reappeared a moment later, and now, clinging to her back with both hands and feet, was a grimacing little baby chimpanzee, which in her terror she had abandoned. Then she leaped into the air with her baby in her arms and disappeared among the foliage of the trees. All was now in order, and the old male gave a couple of triumphant grunts, made a gesture as much to say that the path was free for me, and disappeared into the jungle, the last of his troop.”
She calls it "largely anthropomorphic and likely to be somewhat embellished, but serves to highlight the protective nature of the adult male chimpanzee during this high-risk encounter." I wonder how embellished it actually was. Read more!