Monday, July 20, 2009

Scientia Pro Publica #8 Is Up...


In honor of that, and because after last week's four big posts, I'm going to spend today on research (for future posts), there won't be a big one today.

A question for my readers: Saturday's post got a lot more positive response than any previous, and it was also more pointed towards explaining current understanding than my usual Kuhnian revolutionary efforts. Of course, I always try to provide an explanation of what I'm talking about, but that one was the first that really just pointed at summarizing current research, rather than focusing on places where, IMO, current research has gone astray (with, always, the exception(s) of the paper(s) I'm reviewing). Is this what readers want? Or rather, do you (readers) prefer posts that simply summarize current knowledge rather than pointing out major opportunities for paradigm-breaking research?

I promise to read and consider all your comments.


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  1. Well, I am a big fan of your ideologically motivated posts, trying to introduce new ideas! On the other hand, Saturday's post was one of the most interesting I've read on this blog because of its topic: the brain and the way information is processed on different scales are hugely interesting.