Thursday, July 9, 2009

Donate Button: NOT a Solicitation

The new Donate Button was added for the sake of anybody who is "Wowed" by one (or more) of my posts, and really feels like reaching for a checkbook (or whatever). If you're "Wowed", however, there are other ways of showing it, such as posting a link (or writing a post with a link at your own blog) to the article that you liked (as John Wilkins just did). Or adding a comment, especially with references to some peer-reviewed work(s) that apply to the subject. Of course, everybody likes flattery, and money is one of the more sincere forms of flattery: I'm not immune. But there are other forms of flattery.

While the bigger posts are a lot of work, it's fun work and I really do it for my own enjoyment. I also learn a lot doing the research. So I'm pretty well recompensed just in writing the posts. And that's why the button is labeled "If you wish...". Please keep all this in mind.

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