Sunday, June 5, 2011

Evolutionary Theory for Creationists

I was recently informed by a creationist that "evolution is a lie!" I went to the trouble of thinking through and writing down my response, so I thought I'd share it with my readers. I created it as a .PDF so clean copies can be printed for creationists who "don't get" the internet. If you want to print it, or save it as a .PDF, click on the word "File" under "Google docs" over at the top left, and select "Print(PDF)".

Evolutionary Theory for Creationists

Can you tell it was written by an agnostic?

This document is entirely original with me, except that the "old saying" I heard somewhere: I don't remember where, I don't know who said it first, and it's something of a paraphrase anyway. With this post I'm putting this document in the public domain as a public service: feel free to copy, modify, and use the result as you please, for profit or not. (Of course, if you claim credit, you'll be "guilty" of plagiarism, but not (AFAIK) theft.) Credit would be nice, but I don't insist on it.


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