Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interesting PNAS articles

I went through the "PNAS online ahead of print" site and harvested the following (along with one from Science): Many are open access.

Upstream open reading frames cause widespread reduction of protein expression and are polymorphic among humans OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE

Functional morphology of the ankle and the likelihood of climbing in early hominins

Cognitive gains in 7-month-old bilingual infants

The neural origins of shell structure and pattern in aquatic mollusks

Initial formation of an indigenous crop complex in eastern North America at 3800 B.P OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE

Bistable switches control memory and plasticity in cellular differentiation

Re-emergence of hand-muscle representations in human motor cortex after hand allograft

Disruption of NMDAR-dependent burst firing by dopamine neurons provides selective assessment of phasic dopamine-dependent behavior OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE

High-throughput, high-accuracy array-based resequencing OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE

A Contemporary Microbially Maintained Subglacial Ferrous "Ocean" From Science

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